Microsoft : PowerPoint Designer
An Office 365 service that uses the Microsoft Cloud to analyze PowerPoint slides and make intelligent layout suggestions based on unique content characteristics.
Research, Conceptualization, UX & Product Development, Nomenclature & Topology, Thematic Design & Production
PowerPoint Designer In-App Preview
PowerPoint Designer Slide Output
Gallery Theme V0 - Blend Title Slide Sample
Gallery Theme Variants
PowerPoint Designer Sample Slides
KeynotePro : PitchBoards NXT
NXT-generation Reboot of our genre-defining solution for Keynote-powered Storyboard & Pitch Presentations.
Branding & Naming, Product Design & Development, Thematic Design & Production, Digital Media & Marketing
PitchBoards NXT Title Card / Icon
PitchBoards NXT 2-up Sample
PitchBoards NXT - Embed-style Sample
PitchBoards NXT is optimized for iOS playback
Mixed Slide Samples of PitchBoards NXT in HD and SD
United Talent Agency : Office Template System
A set of Office Templates to bring UTA's updated identity package to PowerPoint and Word.
Thematic Design & Production, Template System Development
UTA PowerPoint Theme Preview
A preview of the UTA Word Templates
UTA PowerPoint Quote Slide example
UTA PowerPoint Archetype Slide example
Mixed Slide Samples of the extended UTA PowerPoint template
KeynotePro : MagnetBoard NXT
NXT-generation reboot of our popular brainstorming & ideation theme for Keynote.
Branding & Naming, Product Design & Development, Thematic Design & Production, Digital Media & Marketing
MagnetBoard NXT Title Card / Icon in Aero style
MagnetBoard NXT Aero - Caption Overlay Example
MagnetBoard NXT Classic - Freeform Example
MagnetBoard NXT Teknik - iOS Playback Preview
Mixed Slide Samples of MagnetBoard NXT in HD and SD
Microsoft : PowerPoint 2013
Future-facing realignment of the presentation app, pivoting to HD as the default format and introducing Theme Variants.
Research & Conceptualization, Product Development, Thematic Architecture, Nomenclature & Topology, Thematic Design & Production
In-app Preview of the Ion theme developed as a pilot for Office 2013
Mixed Modality preview of the Ion pilot theme
Organic Theme V0 Ttitle Slide
Organic Theme Variants
Office 2013 Signature Themes

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